Thursday, March 26, 2015

Now I know what all the fuss is about

This is my story of when I became a mom.

Tristan was born one week after his due date, on Tuesday, February 3, 2015. Because he didn't come before that, the doctors had to help him get here by using medications. It was a sunny day and, with it being a very mild winter in Utah, there was no snow on the ground. I had to call at 5:00AM to see when I would be able to go to the hospital. The nurse told me they would call me back when it was time. Ryan works at a utility billing company, called Conservice, at 6:00AM every morning and decided to go in until it was time. At 8:00 that morning we received a call back from the nurse saying to go in around 8:30. I called Ryan and he came home right away. We grabbed our bags, took a deep breath, said a quick prayer, took a few pictures, and off we went.  ... I may or may not have shed a tear or too. We were both excited and terrified at the same time knowing as we left our home, it would be the last time leaving as just us. We were leaving as 2 one last time. Everything was about to change and we couldn't be happier that it did.  

We arrived and checked into the hospital at 8:40AM where they gave me a wrist band with all the information about me on it. We went to our room, #15, where we met our nurse, Tricia. She was so genuine, caring, funny, and easy to have a conversation with. After strapping on two monitors to my belly, one for heart rate, the other for contractions Tricia gave me an IV in my right arm and started the medication to make Tristan come to this world.

I decided to go as long as I could without any pain medication which was only about 90 minutes. I felt like a weakling, but I did not want to go through any more contractions that I felt. It hurt... bad. The Anesthesiologist came to my room and introduced himself. His name was Cameron and he looked very similar to Keanna Reeves, the actor from the matrix. He became my best friend that day when he took away the pain. He gave me an Epidural at 10:45 and it kicked in at about 11:15AM. But there was something wrong with how it was sitting, so my entire left leg was numb, but the right was just tingly and I could still feel the contractions. He gave it about 15 minutes to get more numb and nothing was changing so he was able to come and put into the tube a booster open up the space. This just made my left leg go even more numb. Keanna, I mean Cameron, went back to the tube and just pulled it out a little bit because he believed it was tilted to the left. IT WORKED! I felt my right leg go numb immediately. He gave me one more booster before he left.

At 10:30, Dr. Olsen came in to tell me that he would be in to break my water at 1, after his meeting, and that would help things progress a little faster. Ryan and I enjoy watching the Harry Potter movies and it has become a tradition for us to watch them whenever we are in Labor and Delivery. This started with Ryan's sister for her deliveries when we would go keep her company, so of course we had to continue tradition. Plus, it's a show about magic and who doesn't just adore Fred and George?!

We got through about one movie when Dr. Olsen came back in. As he was checking me, he had a little bit of a confused look on his face and said "you are at a 10 and are to ready to push in about a half hour". This is when I started getting really nervous. Most people when being induced have to wait all day to have a baby and here I am ready NOW.

I started shaking. Well, only the top half of me started shaking (Thank you epidural). I got really nervous. No one had mentioned anything about the shaking. I called my nurse in, in a panic and showed her my hand that I couldn't hold still. "This is normal", she reassured me and sat down next to me to start chit chat while we waited.

At 1:45PM I started to push and wouldn't stop until 3:37PM. Almost 2 hours exactly. During this time, I had become nauseous and needed that wonderful blue bag (which I want to keep some in my car the next time I get preggers) a few times in between contractions. It was hard for baby because he would be under a lot of stress for the contractions then a lot of stress for the puking. So we had to rest a few times through a contraction or two.

My husband tends to get a little dizzy when in hospital settings so he pulled the lovely brown chair to my bedside and paused the movie. He describes his feelings as helpless, but I found the occasional thumbs up in my peripheral vision paired with a "You got this"; "Way to go"; "Nice!" or even a "Whoop whoop" very encouraging.

Ok. I did it. I watched it in the mirror. Not as yucky as I thought it would be. That being said, the scene of me pushing a baby out is forever engraved in my mind. It is the craziest thing. I thought I would be completely repulsed by it, but I found it very interesting. The coolest part is once they pulled that mirror out, my baby was here in a matter of 10- 15 minutes. *Recommendation time: USE THE MIRROR! It lets you see what muscles you are using and help you be able to push that baby out faster. Be like nike and Just Do It. ;)

At 3:37PM Tristan Ryan Alsop was born. The moment was so beautiful I don't think I will ever forget that gurgly cry. Dr. Olsen asked Ryan if he would like to cut the cord and Ryan said he would try. He did try, and he succeeded. Dr. Olsen then placed Tristan on my lap and I saw a piece of heaven that day. Tristan was crying until I started talking to him. Once I said "It's ok baby" he looked right at me and calmed down. That was until the came and grabbed him to clean him up. He did not like that. Ryan took some pictures and I sat in amazement, thanking my father in heaven for this amazing gift. Also, asking him how he could trust me with this when I have a really hard time keeping a plant alive.

Now most people cry, at least in the movies they do. I didn't. I just sat there almost filled too much with love and amazement. Most people have a beautiful family moment after delivery. We didn't. It was surreal to me. All I could do was stare at my baby. We made this. And he was normal. All 10 fingers and 10 toes. Even though on the foot print paper, Tristan did a weird thing with his toe and it ended up only showing 4 toes. But trust me, I counted 10 toes. I counted 10 toes about 5 times. Pictures below to prove it. (and to show off my new babe.) This is the point in the day when my husband, who had been sitting next to me, through all the tears, root beer freezes, for 9 (10!) months, walked over to the side of the bed and with love in his eyes, raised his hand in the air, gave me a high-five, and in a high pitched sound said, "NAILED IT!!!".

We named Tristan the night before we left the hospital. Speaking of leaving the hospital, I can honestly say that it made the top 5 list of moments of when I was the most scared in my life. However, it was perfect. It has now been 7 weeks (I know right!!), and he is still alive!!! He is actually growing. He now smiles at me and it melts my heart. Ryan and I love him sooo much it almost hurts to not squeeze him as tight as I want to or to not kiss his face off all day. I can't wait for him to be awake each day so we can hang out. He makes everything worth it. All the spit up and poop in the world could be all over me and it doesn't matter because when he looks at me, I feel Gods love. This is truly His work and His plan.

Ok! I'll stop with the mushy gushy of my testimony and let you all get back to your Facebook stalking. ;)

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