Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's a........

Gender Reveal Party
We decided to find out the gender of our baby with our family and close friends.
Everyone wore either PINK or BLUE to show their vote, as well as writing their names on the color on the box.  ---->
Kirby, my BFF, helped me make the box where the balloons would come out of and I had a neighbor look at the paper the ultrasound tech gave us, and put in the color of balloons that it was. It turned out really cute if I do say so myself.
 Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints has it's perks. Our church building is a great place to have a party with lots of people, especially when you live in a condo like I do and it gets crowded with 5 people inside the house at once. We were able to use the church cultural hall for our party!
Dinner and desert was served. Soup, rolls and lots of yummy treats. Thanks to family and friends that helped. It made all the difference! Shout out to the great friends and family for their
and support. The food  was DELICIOUS!!!!
 Some other fun things we did was have people write down their favorite boy or girl to help us name baby Alsop. We got a lot of Landon's, Rylan (my 4 year old nephew who put his own name in because it's his favorite boy name), Harry Potter, Zander, Alvin (my dad's name), Pedro, Laquisha, and many other names we can't use due to the fact that we are Caucasion and not of any other race. [seriously could you imagine our white, red headed, freckled face
child named DeAndre or Jamal?!]
I mean that in the most non-racial way possible.

<---------Kirby and I also did a bunch of old wives tale tests which I posted at the party for all to see and help make their guesses from.
<--------The votes are in and
The time has come to find out what we are going to have!!!!!
We stood in front of everyone. Opened the box.
AND IT'S A.....
Ryan was right! We also have some nephews who are really excited to have another boy cousin.
After the big reveal, we had everyone come up that wrote their name on the Blue side (even though some wore pink) and take a picture saying they guessed right. My dad also guessed boy but he was camera shy that day and wouldn't come up for a snapshot with the balloons. Maybe someone can figure out how to photo shop him in there?
Anyway, in the pictures at the end of the post, you will see my nephew (supposedly best friend of mine since his birth) push me out of the picture because I chose girl. What a little stinker, huh?! Then Ryan was able to have his glory moment as the lone victor in our relationship. I let him enjoy this moment where he was right, because we all know these moments are few and far between. ;) Love you honey!
My sister Jennifer, is quite the photographer! She took some really nice pictures for us of our decorations and us finding out what our baby is. Here are a few pictures that she took for us of the party.

Tyler and his little girl Jaynee (2 years old)
Tables at the party

Mike, Linda, Jen, and half of Tommy

Kirby, Jake, Teresa
Ryan and our friend Jeff

Food Table
Ry Thanking everyone for coming while Tyler texts

Other end of the Food Table

Rylan, Kaitlyn, Brynleigh

Mason, Tommy, Neighbor Dan

Ryan, Me, Jake, Kirby, Teresa

Ryan and I

Julia, Anson, David, Sam

Loni, Penny, Tami, Lizzy, Troy, Jeff, Shelby,


Jaynee Belle

Bill- Beau
(real name just Beau, but we sure love our nicknames)

Ryan and His Mom, Linda

Me and Ryan


Ryan wiping off my kiss

Winners of the Voting

Wyatt being a bum and pushing me out of the picture


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